Our Calendar



 Sunday, April 21st       3 pm      Easter Sunday Afternoon Concert

 Wednesday, May 1st    8 pm                     Our first 1812 Concert

 Wednesday, June 12th 8 pm                Our Second 1812 Concert

 Wednesday, July 17th  8 pm                   Our Third 1812 Concert

 Wednesday, Sept 25th 8 pm          Our last 1812 Concert of 2019

 Sunday, Sept. 29th      3 pm         The last Prom Concert of 2019

 Wedesday December 25th 10.30am Our famous Christmas Concert

Whilst every effort is made to keep this page as accurate and up to date as possible there will always be changes and additions to our programme commitments as the year progresses. Wherever possible we always try to publish additional dates on our twitter and facebook page as well as here but, if you need information on any engagement, please check our webpage calendar or contact our secretary





Further engagement dates will be added as engagements become confirmed