What We Do

The band is, most probably, best known for its regular appearances on the town’s iconic Eastbourne Bandstand. Residents of the town, along with the summer visitors, will often see the band performing on a Sunday afternoon, when they play the promenade concerts, or on Wednesday evenings when they play the famous “1812” concerts. These evenings come complete with fireworks to round off the show.

Visitors who wisely choose to spend Christmas in Eastbourne join with the many hundreds of local residents and go along to the bandstand to watch, enjoy, and join in with, the Annual Christmas Day Concert. The Eastbourne Silver Band is believed to be the only band throughout the country that presents a live morning of entertainment on Christmas Day. Come rain, shine or snow the band have not missed a single Christmas morning concert since it started playing

Churches are not the only areas in which we support the local community. The Mayors’ of Eastbourne, who hold their own fund-raising events during their term in office, will also request our attendance. One such event was the Edwardian Afternoon Tea in the grounds of Hampden Park. A beautiful setting with its own lake

The Bandstand, however, is not the only venue at which we play. We often receive requests to support some of the local churches at their concerts and garden fetes, such as the St. John’s church fete (pictured) and other charity events.

Since 2011 the Eastbourne Silver Band has presented an annual Concert of Remembrance in the beautiful setting of Our Lady of Ransom Church in Grange Road. Whilst the programme is non-denominational the priest in charge of the church, Father Raglan, has kindly allowed us to use the building free of charge. This, in turn, has made it possible for the concert to be held without a charge for admission with any profits going to the Services charities.

Due to the high overheads incurred by the band, in rentals, instruments, insurance, music, etc., it is sometimes necessary to make a small charge for attending functions.   Where this is so then the band will attempt to keep the fee as low as is practical